Cecima Win Design 9.0.4

Cecima WinDesign - System design relational databases, supports a large number of standards: Access, Foxpro, Paradox, Oracle, SQL Base, SQL Server, Uniface, Unify, DB2, Ingres.
Software that allows you to visualize, document and optimize their business processes and systems .. Available standard charts: Block diagram, conceptual, logical, Organizationnal processing models, object lifecycle (State Diagram). Clear and concise formalism, including the new notes BPM. Polyvalent use: functional and organizational approach to project business process (the structure of the organization, mapping information system, mappingsoftware, qualitative analysis).
The enterprise modeling software that enables you to vizualise, document and optimize your business processes and systems

Benefits ...
A modular software suite
Merise & UML modeling available in a single software
Customization ability through numerous advanced display and style options
Extensive metamodel (extended characteristics, stereotypes and free object)
A user-friendly software, easy getting started
User-definable documentation, publication of the models as HTML
A very well known software

New abilities to customize and organize crossed references ...
Offering a true improvement of the direct "visibility" of the object and of its impact analysis on the other objects

Evolutions of the queries system ...
Integration of the new crossed references organization.

Management of the diagram ...
In Version 9, the "diagram" is managed as an object of the meta model.

Updating of the external dictionary ...
Making easier the use of the general shared notions.

Evolution of the workspace management ...
A workspace can now be composed of other workspaces. This allows thinner organizational or thematic splittings, improve consolidations and enlarge impact analysis.




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