Microvideosoft Micro Video Capture

Microvideosoft Micro Video Capture v7.0.0.761 | 6.14 MB

Micro Video Capture - can record video and image from webcam, TV tuner card, digital camera and other capture devices in real time, and all captured video files can be saved as AVI format by using any compression codec.
Main Features:
? Grab real-time video or image by just clicking several buttons on the control panel.
? Preset propertied of each capture device.
? Preview recorded files, watch TV if there's an installed TV tuner.
? Add water mark or edit texts on video or image.
? Save captured video files as AVI format via any compression codec.

Why Choose Micro Video Capture:
�â It is excellent both in speed and visual quality.
�â The intuitive interface helps you get familiar with the software quickly.
�â The investigation of our users shows that it saves 18% time in capture process.
�â It is your one-way ticket to video capture.




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