Platinum Notes 2.0

Audio Mastering Software for DJs
Platinum Notes makes your tracks sound incredibly smooth. Designed by professional DJs and musicians, Platinum Notes improves your files and gives them warmth, perfect volume, and correct pitch. It removes distortion and clipped peaks.
You can sit back while Platinum Notes scans your entire music collection and generates perfect music files that will keep the dance floor bouncing.
The Best Audio Quality
We licensed the best algorithms for audio processing. Platinum Notes includes the following technology:
* Volume plug-ins from iZotope (makers of Ozone)
* Clipped peak restoration from Mixed In Key
* Pitch correction technology from Zplane Development

Hear the results you can achieve with Platinum Notes
Platinum Notes eliminates distortion, adjusts volume, improves dynamics and corrects pitch.
Version 2.0 for Mac and Windows

New features include:
* Next-generation pitch correction
* Information panel to show you what was done for each song
* Addded support for writing smaller MP3 files



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