Tomb Raider Underworld

 A thousand years ago the priests of the Maya created a calendar. Calculated on the solar and lunar eclipses, according to them had bloody sacrifices menacing gods with it on to open the gates to the world of spirits and communicate with old ancestors. But the once-mighty civilization has fallen and, with the last priests of ancient people had gone into oblivion, and the mystery of the calendar. Rumors about it have century Spanish conquistador searching for him and the priests, warlock and adventurer. But only one person can overcome the congested wild beasts of the jungle and down in a remote Mayan city – celebrated rashititelnitsa tombs. Her name is Lara. Lara Croft.
In the new part sverhpopulyarnoy game series graceful and deadly heroine once again to travel around the world, examines the centuries abandoned temples and fight with the insidious and dangerous enemy. Many fans are awaiting news of the game, which has become even more attractive! Lara uses to fight hand-to-hand combat techniques and the surrounding objects, makes a lot of dizzy acrobatic stunts. Graphics created with the requirements of the latest gaming platforms – impenetrable jungle of on the order of colorful and ancient ruins are still enigmatic. Lara pereodenetsya in new clothes, which drabble in the mud, wet and dry in the rain on the hot tropical sun. In Tomb Raider: Underworld players expect more weapons, more drive, more action, and – Lara Croft



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