Acronis True Image 14 Home 2010 Unnatended Edition

With this product, you can create a full backup of your hard drive and back up critical files and data.
Your computer can store photos and videos of several generations of your family, important personal documents such as tax returns and a summary of the many applications for individual parameters, the setting where each member of your family spent a few hours. Acronis True Image Home to guarantee reliable data protection with the possibility of full recovery of your valuable files in the event of computer failure or damage of computer viruses.
The latest technology implemented in Acronis True Image Home, allow the user to ensure the full protection of all data on home computers, including valuable photos, music, videos and business documents. In the Acronis True Image Home development is already of proven and patented technology for creating an exact image of the hard drive, allowing you to create backup copies of a complete image of the computer, including: operating system, device drivers, applications, as well as options and settings, providing complete protection against viruses , Trojan horses, and equipment failures. In case of computer failure, you can quickly return the performance of your computer and start work immediately after system recovery.

• Full copies of data.
• Protect applications.
• Trial mode Try & Decide.
• Tools to protect confidential information.
• Fast backup of a specific set of files.
• Backing up data by categories.
• Explore backups.
• Creating rules backup.
• Sending e-mail notifications.
• Backing up to FTP-server.

On file:
Enabling | reg code: Is present
Language Interface: Russian / English
File format: rar
Platform / OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
File Size: 78 Mb
Acronis True Image 14 Home 2010 Unnatended Edition
Acronis True Image 14 Home 2010 Unnatended Edition


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