AI Roboform Enterprise

AI RoboForm is a push-button web form filler with some serious
Artificial Intelligence (AI) inside. It allows you to define your
personal profile or "usual" responses to a web form

This information is then saved, and when you need to fill a form
just click "Fill Forms" button, and form is filled out

AI RoboForm is fully client-based, so it is very fast, it never
disables web site functions, and it works even in pop-up HTML
The most important feature of AI RoboForm is high accuracy - it
fills 95% of all fields correctly

FLEXIBLE for Administrators
Administrators have full control to customize every feature to
meet your specific security and password standards. RoboForm is
an easily deployed, client-based solution

PRODUCTIVE for End Users
Users memorize only one master password. RoboForm Enterprise
remembers all the rest, and provides true automated logins (a
better Single Sign-On)

SECURE for Everyone
Facilitates secure password practices without sacrificing
security or convenience. All websites, forms, logins, and
corporate data stay secure

COST EFFECTIVE for the Bottom Line
Provides an immediate Return on Investment via increased
employee productivity and reduced helpdesk calls

Features Overview:

RoboForm Enterprise is an advanced, full-featured Password
Management Solution, that your employees will actually

Protects Your Passwords to Secure Your Network
RoboForm securely stores your usernames, passwords and other
confidential information on your computer using powerful AES
encryption. When you visit a password-protected website
RoboForm automatically retrieves your data and logs you in with
one click

Only One Password to Remember
All your passwords and other important information are
protected using your Master Password. So you remember one
Master Password and RoboForm remembers the rest

Users Enjoy One-Click Logins
RoboForm's powerful form-filling technology allows you to login
to websites automatically. Simply select any RoboForm Passcard
and RoboForm will
a.) Navigate to the website
b.) Enter Your username and password
c.) Click the submit button . . . all in one click!

Automatically Fills Long Checkout and Registration Forms
Filling long forms has never been easier. With RoboForm you
simply click on your Identity and RoboForm will complete the
entire form for you

Protects Users From Identity Theft
Since RoboForm will remember all your passwords, you can now
use hard-to-guess passwords for all your logins. RoboForm comes
with a secure password generator to improve your password
security. RoboForm also protects you from Keyloggers and
Phishing scams

RoboForm Benefits
Easy to Use - You remember one password, RoboForm remembers the
Saves Time - Automates logins to all your favorite websites
Saves More Time - RoboForm fills long forms with one click
Secures Your Information - Stores passwords on YOUR computer
protects them with powerful AES encryption
Strengthens Passwords - Generates secure passwords to increase
your password protection
Fights Phishing - Fills passwords only on matching websites
Defeats Keyloggers - RoboForm does not require using keyboard
to type passwords
Improves Password Organization - Backs up, prints and easily
organizes your passwords
Increases Search Capabilities - Search any website directly
from the RoboForm toolbar
Enhances Portability - RoboForm2Go runs from a USB Flash Drive
Take your passwords, contacts and bookmarks with you

RoboForm Enterprise is Secure

RoboForm Fights Phishing - RoboForm is an effective way to help
prevent the phishing scams plaguing Internet users today

Phishing is the illegal practice of posing as a trusted business
or financial institution online in order to deceptively obtain
sensitive personal data. Phishing scans can be exposed when
individuals use RoboForm

Phishers typically send an email asking the recipient to visit a
web page to confirm sensitive account information. The page will
look identical to the business' real page, but is a fake. This
fake page collects the unsuspecting user's confidential
information and sends it to the criminal

RoboForm fights phishing scams by linking sensitive account
information only to the correct URL

If a user learns to rely on RoboForm to log-in to websites, fake
sites will be exposed because RoboForm will not recognize the
site and provide login information

RoboForm prompts users to double-check the authenticity of a
website before entering any sensitive information, such as credit
card or social security numbers

RoboForm Defeats KeyLoggers - Keyloggers steal any password that
is manually entered, and then sends them to a third party-an
employer, a spouse, a competitor or simply a hacker. The third
party is now able to log in to accounts using stolen passwords
Most keyloggers are hard for all but the most advanced users to

Master Password
RoboForm provides a Virtual Keyboard to "type" the Master
Password. Keyloggers can't see it. The Virtual Keyboard is an
image of a keyboard on the screen. Users "type" by clicking on
the images of the keyboard buttons. Since there are no
keystrokes, there's nothing for the keylogger to detect or

Website Passwords
More advanced keyloggers may attach themselves to Internet
Explorer and get passwords directly from the password field of
a form, allowing them to capture passwords that are not typed
RoboForm provides some protection against these keyloggers as
Quick Typing. Roboform enters and submits password so quickly
that many keyloggers can't capture the information

Whats new in v7.1.0.0?:

Enhanced non-web logins to support most Win32 based
Option to use Windows Logon in lieu of the RoboForm Master
Password, thus enabling employee password management without
any additional passwords
Integrates with biometric device to replace Master Password
with fingerprint authentication


Install AiRoboForm-Enterprise-7.exe.
After installation make sure all Internet Explorer and/or FireFox windows are closed or else the file will not copy over properly (as well as the Roboform Taskbar Icon).
Reboot into safe mode if you still have problems.
Copy roboform.dll into AI Roboform's installed folder, making sure to overwrite the existing file.
AI Roboform is now in the full PRO version with Enterprise features.

We have included the Enterprise tool with this release so you don't need to request it from the homepage.
Its located in the PolicyEditor folder.

If your getting a popup after entering your master password
asking permission to download GoodSync, be sure to uncheck
"Automatically Sync With Roboform Online Server" under the Sync
icon within your browser. On one machine this setting was
enabled even though before updating it was disabled.

Thats it! Enjoy.
DOWNLOAD: AI Roboform Enterprise


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