TranslateIt! 8.0.5

With TranslateIt!, you can move the mouse cursor over any word and get its translation right there! Stop wasting your time and get even more productive!
What do you usually do when you see German word on web page?
You probably copy it to the clipboard, launch a dictionary program, paste the word from the clipboard, and click a button. Isn't this kind of slow and inconvenient? A real time waster? It surely is. But not any more!
Features of TranslateIt!:
- Translation using the ?mouse over? technique in any Windows applications (including PDF files)
- Translation from four languages: English, German, Spanish, Russian
- Full text translation
- XDXF and StarDict dictionaries support
- Voicing of English and German words by native speakers
- Automatic detection of the necessary translation language
- Smart features: adaptive morphology, reverse translation, search for similar words

TranslateIt! 8.0.5
TranslateIt! 8.0.5


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